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Material: Activated Carbon



1Newly renovated room for removal of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances

2For indoor exposure, clean air, electromagnetic shielding;

3For cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator fresh deodorant, etc.

4Used car in addition to taste, remove the new car smell, purify the air inside the car;

5For cooking, boil water, water purification, odor adsorption of impurities in water;

6For shower baths, the skin smooth and delicate, sterilization

7For footwear maintenance, keeping the shoes dry, mold dehumidification

8For adequate maintenance, to calluses, foot massage;

9Or tank water used for soil improvement.

The role of Activated Carbon bag
1. Charcoal burning is the use of oxygen-free high-temperature carbonization process, so bamboo is almost no water, and there are many fine pores, pore size 20A or more, across the bamboo beam tube neatly scattered fiber cells, and bundles of bamboo Tube before and after the fiber is the same, so the parallel and, therefore, bamboo charcoal has a very good effect of humidity and moisture conditioning effect, like a storage space is generally infinite.

2.For the purposes of water molecules and dust, like a treasure trove of free access, in terms of moisture, it is the best hiding place, the humidity when the humidity is greater than charcoal, inhalation of moisture it big mouth , When the atmospheric humidity drops, charcoal water vapor is released in order to maintain balance, which is the physical nature, but to catch and hold dust is tight, but also in activated carbon and the dual role of vinegar it can not survive, so the room Bamboo charcoal or floor bunk bed set, to balance the room humidity and prevent dust mites, can effectively curb the mold, the proliferation of microorganisms.
3. In addition, negative ions generated from the charcoal and the collision of particles in the air, so charged, the charged particles easily attached to the walls, mirror, on the floor, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, exposure to which, people feel roam in nature Forest in general, infinite mind at ease.

4.Especially the new house paint, interior is full of industrial solvent toluene, bananas, water ... ... the smell lingering, if placed in bamboo charcoal, activated carbon absorption through decomposition, will soon disappear, and gave you a clean living space, indoor Purchase of carbon, but also to prevent the occurrence of air conditioning disease

Activated Carton Consumption

1. Most of the new decoration in addition to formaldehyde and other harmful gases, a packet of 50 grams of the effective loading area of ​​1.5 square meters of clean about one hundred grams of a bag filled with the effective area of ​​2-4 square meters of clean and effective cleaning area of ​​200 grams of 4-8 meters (at room different degree of pollution)

 2.For new vehicles in addition to taste, usually family cars, each car for 3 pack 200 grams, can effectively odor

 3.In addition to formaldehyde used in furniture, paint, such as smell by space, different place, usually the size of an office drawer, with a pack of 50 grams of the can, such as the amount of closet space can be increased and other larger amount. Amount should be increased as the amount of polluting

 4.Used in refrigerators, cabinets and other odors in the refrigerator when the general volume of 160L with one or two will be able to pack two hundred grams of effective odor within 24 hours. Amount invested by the size of the cabinet.

Activated Carbon Maintenance

After some time should be activated using the sun, the sun can clear the water and carbon in some of the harmful gases, so that longer product life cycles, every half a month of drying time, about two hours each time, repeated use of 10 months About time to change.

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