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Introduction of DMF

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    It's name is dimethyl fumarate,referred as DMF,CAS number and EINECS numbers are:624-49-7

and 210-849-0. Under normal condition,DMF is a white crystal or crystalline powder,which is easy

sublimation,and soluble in ethanol,slightly soluble in water.

   Application: DMF can inhibit 30 kinds of molds,yeasts and bacteria,especially a good inhibitory

effect to Clostridium botulinum and aflatoxin,and with a insecticidal activity at the same time.

Therefore,DMF has been widely used to sterilization and mildew in the processes of production,

storage,transport of leather,footwear and textile. It's also been used in Fresh mold of food,fruits,

vegetables,fodder and tobacco,because of its high efficiency and low toxicity,chemical stability,

and long time effect and so on. In additions,DMF is also used for treatment of psoriasis. DMF is

very low risk of toxicity,it turns into fumaric acid soon after it entering bodys. Which is a normal

metabolism,and is safety for use. DMF is also with a fumigation for it sublimationats at room

temperature,which has a stimulating effect to the eyes,respiratory system,skin and mucous.It's

easy to Allergy,eczema and cause skin burns after contact it directly with skin.

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