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Smectite desiccantWorking principle:

  SmectiteSmectite is a natural,nontoxic,tasteless,non-corrosiveness,completely degradable environmentally friendly desiccant which has a strong moisture dehumidify capacity,static dehumidification,odor removal and features of fast and strong absorption.

Smectite desiccant is developed by exploitation of natural Smectite ores and using techniques such as high temperature heating,organic carbonization,

Smectite swelling,streaming treatment, drying,activation,crushing,and screening concentration.



Smectite desiccantSpecifications:

Weight: (customized).

Packaging: (customized).

Also, your company logo, special signs and texts can be print on the Packaging



Smectite desiccant:

Smectite desiccant

Smectite desiccant Tech document (more)




  Smectite desiccanthas been widely used in sophisticated electronic equipment,Hardware, Machinery,

Wood ware,Clothing and shoe industry,Container sea transportation and so on.It's superior performance,lower price compared with silica gel,which is the replacement of silica gel.

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