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Activated carbon desiccant Working principle:

Activated carbonActivated carbon is a very small carbon particles have large surface area,and there are more tiny carbon particles in the hole-capillary.The capillary has a strong adsorption capacity,due to a large surface area of activated carbon particles,so with gas (impurities) full contact.When these gases (impurities) to be met by capillary absorption,from the purification.

Activated carbon which is coal based,nutshell,coconut shell based,wood,bamboo based,made by a series finishing production process.

Black, gray, Flake, granular, columnar, powder, with well-developed voids,strong adsorption capacity,good performance,high strength,easy to operate,economical and durable.



Activated carbon desiccantSpecifications:

Weight: (customized).

Packaging: (customized).

Also, your company logo, special signs and texts can be print on the Packaging



Activated carbon desiccant:

 Activated carbon desiccant

Activated carbon desiccant Tech document (more)




1, air purification

2, the sewage treatment plant exhaust adsorption

3, drinks water

4, water pretreatment plant

5, pretreatment of wastewater recycling

6, Biological Wastewater Treatment

7, toxic waste water treatment

8, petrochemical E sweetening

9, solvent recovery

10, chemical catalyst

11 canisters

12, Gold Extraction

13, the exhaust purification chemicals storage

14, sugar,alcohol,monosodium glutamate,medicine,food refining,bleaching

15, ethylene desalinated water fill

16, automobile exhaust purification

17, PTA oxide gas purification device

18, activated carbon desiccant

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