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Calcium chloride desiccant Working principle:Calcium chloride desiccant

  As Calcium chloride desiccantis very easy to air-slake and water soluble,at the same time.It is sent out amount of hot-gas,the water is alkalescency. Its production is water when it adsorbs moisture or contact with air.

Transparent cube aciculae,white or grey white,granularity,ball shape,irregular granularity,powder,non-toxic,odorless,a little bitter taste,Melting point:782,boiling point:1600,desity:2.15g/cm3 at 25,hygroscopic is very strong.


calcium chloride desiccant Specifications:

Weight: (customized).

Packaging: (customized).

Also, your company logo, special signs and texts can be print on the Packaging


calcium chloride desiccant :

  calcium chloride desiccant bagwardrobe dehumidifier bagcalcium chloride bag

    calcium chloride desiccant Tech document (more)



1Used for ice and snow romoval in Winter for roads,highways,parking lots,airport,golf links etc;

2Used for oil-well drilling,and as dehydrant in petrochemical industry;

3Used for prevention and removal of dust,coal dust,mine dust etc;

4Used for acceleration of the set of concrete in construction and used as solidifying agent in paint production;

5Used as desiccant for moisture proof;

6Used as coagulant in rubber industry;

7Used as chloridizing agent and additive in ferrous metallurgy;

8Used as additive in paper-making industry and also used for de-inking of waste paper;

9Used as SO42-removing agent and as coagulant of sodium alginate in chemical industry;

10Used in refrigeration industry;

11Used as a preservative agent for food and anti-rot material for wheat,apples and vegetables;

Used in dye-staff production and printing industry;

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