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Desiccant humidifier Working principle:

 1. When the humidity of the card surrounding enhanced to a certain value,the corresponding points of the instruction card turns from blue to pink.

 2. The color change of Indicate points is reversible,the Indicate points' color change from pink to blue when the air of the environment comes dry.

 3. When the color of indicate point turn into purple(between blue and pink),the value of the indicate point is the humidity of environment.

 4. Sealed the card in the tin of the original packaging,together with some desiccant,please replacement desiccant after opened three times.

 5. Keep in dry, cool environment,avoid direct sunlight and flooding.

Humidity indicator card can easily measures relative humidity inside the sealed package to allow a quick and low cost inspection of the humidity level is safe or not. The blue indicator dot turms pink, means that RH in the package has or had been reached the RH value of that dot.

3 dots Desiccant humidifier4 dots Desiccant humidifier6 dots Desiccant humidifier


Desiccant humidifier Specifications:

3 dots: 51015,51060,304050%;

4 dots: 10~20~30~40%;

6 dots: 10~20~30~40~50~60%;

Style: With cobalt, cobalt-free;

Packaging material: PE bag, tin box, carton;

Packaging: 50pcs/bag, 4bags/box, 25boxes/carton, or others according to your requirements;


Desiccant humidifier:

  Desiccant humidifierDesiccant humidifier

Desiccant humidifierTech document (more)




a) Electronic products, PCB
b) Optical components, synthetic material, organic material
c) Metals, stainless steel products
d) Bulk packaging, preservation package

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