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Silica gel desiccant Working principle:

Silica gel's high surface area(around 800 m²/g) allows it to absorb water readily, making it useful as a desiccant (drying agent). Once saturated with water, the gel can be regenerated by heating it to 120 °C (250 °F) for two hours. Some types of silica gel will "pop" when exposed to enough water. This is caused by breakage of the silica spheres when contacting the water.

  It is white,translucent vitreous,another kind of silica gel of permeability of the pouch packaging.The main material is a kind of high porous structure water silica which is nonpoisonous,tasteless,odorless,chemical stability and with a strong moisture adsorption. 

White silica gelblue silica gelorange silica gel


Silica gel desiccantSpecifications:

Weight: (customized).

Packaging: (customized).

Also, your company logo, special signs and texts can be print on the Packaging


Silica gel desiccant:

  Silica Gel desiccant for packagingSilica gel desiccant

  Silica gel desiccant Tech document (more)



  Silica gel desiccantcan widely used in storage and the relative humidity control of transportation in instruments,equipments,leather,luggage,shoes industry,textile and so also used at catalyst andair purification or container sea transportation

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