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Molecular sieve desiccant Working principle:

  Because of its preferential adsorption capacity of unsaturated molecules and polar molecules,we can separmolecular sieveate molecules of different sizes,boiling point,polarity degree,saturation level.In other words,it has the function of screening molecules,that's why we call it molecular sieve.It has been widely used because of its strong adsorption,good thermal stability that other desiccants not.

Molecular sieve is kind of cubic lattice aluminosilicate compounds.It's uniformporous structure,uniform hole diameter,which absorb molecular that smaller than its diameter into internal cavity.



Molecular sieve desiccantSpecifications:

Weight: (customized).

Packaging: (customized).

Also, your company logo, special signs and texts can be print on the Packaging



Molecular sieve desiccant :

  molecular sieve

Molecular sieve desiccant Tech document (more)




  Insulating glass insulating glass molecular sieve desiccant can absorb  water as well as residual organic matter,making hollow glass remained smooth and transparent even at low temperatures,also insulating glass can fully reduce the enormous pressure difference between inside and outside bring by seasonal and diurnal temperature changes,insulating glass insulating glass molecular sieve has solved the problems of Crushingdistortion caused by expansion or contraction of the insulating glass,extend the uselife of insulating glass.

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